Preserving our history for future generations


Preserving the original is paramount but this world is rife with calamity.

Fire, flood and wind have destroyed more of human recorded history

than any other destructive force on earth. Digitizing our recent recorded past

can elevate the odds that some of this material will survive at least a few generations longer and more if it ends up in the right hands.


Digitally preserved material is found and purchased at garage sales, estate sales, antique fairs and rummage sales.

What can we digitize

The truth is we can digitize almost any film, celluloid or glass negatives, paper photos and albums and most video tape versions used in the home for the last 40 years.

The equipment

The Office of Image Archaeology uses 3 primary pieces of fairly expensive equipment. We have two film scanners that allow us to digitize many gauges of film in a frame by frame process up to a resolution of 4K

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