When doing any research concerning the California Educational System in the state of California from about 1925 to 1965 you will without doubt run into these names most predominantly, Corrine A. Seeds, Helen Heffernan and Gretchen Wulfing.

Seeds was the Director of the University Elementary school at UCLA between 1925 and 1957 and Heffernan was the California Commissioner of Rural and Elementary Education between 1926 and 1965. I am not sure what position other than teacher Gretchen Wulfing held but these letters make it evident that she had the trust and confidence of the other two women. These women seemed to have been at the heart of the shaping and development of the educational system as we know it today. Working together they were able to manipulate that same institution in mid-twentieth century America and their ideas, ideals, sense of morality and vision for the future were implemented and many of the resulting attributes are still currently in place even today. In 1955 The California Committee for the Study of Education published a 184 page teacher guide in which Helen Heffernan and Gretchen Wulfing were both acknowledged and a biography on Seeds and Heffernan has been written if you have any interest in the subject, but these correspondences between these and other women will give you an idea of what life was like privately and to an extent professionally during that time.

They also had one other thing in common. Both Helen Heffernan and Gretchen Wulfing were at one time romantically involved with Corrine Seeds.