Here is a series of letters from a man claiming to have been one time Secretary and Treasurer of General Martínez Campos during the Cuban WAR of Independence until 1896 when General Valeriano Weyer y Nicolau also known as "THE BUTCHER" replaced Campos. These letters composed by Pedro del  Valle while in prison at Barcelona Spain in 1905 are filled with both tragedy and intrigue. Mr. del Valle communicates the story of why he is there, how he got there and his fear of an uncertain future for his 14 year daughter Amelie del Valle whom he believes is doomed to become orphaned due to an illness he describes as chronic Hepatitis. Due to this illness the letters appear to have been dictated by del Valle to a Reverend Chaplain Mariano Capdevila that would visit frequently.

Due to the size shown of the letters a transcription can be read after the images of the letters. The partial letter that was in pieces was virtually unreadable so no transcription is provided.


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Military Prison of Barcelona 1-10-905

Mr. James Anderson

My dear Sir and relative .

Having not the honaur (honor) to know you but for the referncees (references) which my dead wife Mary Anderson your relative gave me I address my self to you for the first time and perhaps the last one considering the grave state of my health owed to my long staying in America, explaining you my sad position and requesting your protection for my only daughter child of 14 years  old who I keep as a pensioner in a college.

      As I am strictly watched for my enemies I hope you will reveal to nobody the most insignificant detail of this letter.

      At a bank of London is deposited a sum of $39,000 payable to the bearer that the Bank which be long (belongs) to me.

What I expect you is to know if you will be ready to secure the cheque (check) and to take care of my daughter by a reward of the fourth part of said being your duty to advance the neccisary (necessary) funds for to secure the cheque (check).

      As I am at prison and I know not


If you will receive this letter I can write further particulars I will do so as soon as receive your reply.

    I trust to your discretion the future of my darling daughter meantime.

    I remain you faithfully and relative.

Pedro del Valle



Mr. Indalecio Odesont

Pino 22-1%





Military Prison of Barcelona   1-18-905

Mr. John Bacon

Dear Sir and Relative


very agreable (agreeable) has been to me just in the sad and trying moments your esteemable (estimable) letter, thanks to the goodness and soft heart of you I shall die satisfyed (satisfied) relying upon the future of my daughter who will have a strong and kind protector.

    I feel my strength fails me just when I am most in want of it I fear death will cause to take off her father who so much loves her and who is also little value to her at present I am sorry to leave the life for hear the enemies I leave her will prosecute her I ask to the almighty to secure the future of my daughter and to be able to reward the favours (favors)  I expect from you and your family.

     Here is now with all my detail the affair I intrust  (entrust ) you  as in honest and discret (discreet)  gentleman.

     Being a Secretary and Treasurer of Mr. Martinez Campos (General Martínez Campos )in the last war of Cuba and Deserving the confidence of such as illustration gentleman placing my Capital in public funds transactions so that I might make a brillant (brilliant) position for my daughter whom I ever loved with passion since when her mother died I save my fortune  increase last would have been happy had my protector confinned (confined) at the end to the campaing (campaign) as no sooner was he replaced by the general Weyler (General Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau)  than my misfortune presented it self as I could not succeed in making him company to Spain and not being in my ?????? to see Cuba ruled by an adversary politic I joined the rebellion in bealf (behalf) of the republic but as we were victim of the greatest treason I was obliged to emigrate in England ground taking along with me my money valued to $39.00, after having resided some years in London I received the sad news my wife had died leaving my dear daughter in despair and without help in this sad situation I found my self in the necessity of coming bak (back) to Spain to help my daughter and bring her in my company to America.

     Before starting considering as imprudent to take along with me this respectable sum of money I decided to place it in the London Bank against an special private


contract and only as a deposit as it appears in the security document payable to the bearer that the Bank gave me as a guarantee which document cheque (check) I hidden in a cancealed (concealed)  hollow of my portmanbean ( article of clothing-baggage) very well made which the most keennest (keenest) eyes cannot find out.

     Then very satisfyed (satisfied)  that the money was in security I started for Spain where I was discovered by the militar (military) authorities brought immediately before the Government militar (military) of Cartagena and condemned to 16 years penal seritude (servitude)destined me to ending my condemn at this Military Prison of Barcelona where I bitterly suffer deprived of all communication from out side event (even) my daughter.

     When I was sentenced my equipage and the portmaneau ( article of clothing-baggage) have been confiscate this embargo was made as a guarantee for the payment the costs of my process. I am only visited by the Chaplain of this Military Prison who besides being my confesor is my last friend. I owe to him to being able to write to you being aware of my grave state of health which and will be a fatal and prompt one.

    I trust in your discretion and in indues me the noble wish of pretending your profection should you be kind enough to be support of my daughter trying to make here happy as perhaps I may no be able to see here again. My equipage are confiscated in Cartegena as nobody nowing that diseinbled secret will you only will know if you are good o be the protector of my daughter and to advance the necessary amount for to replecin my equipage, I expect you will let me know by return of post.

     Awaiting my self of the influence my protector Reverend Chaplain I will call in a Notary to testify my last will in such away as to be if permitted to me the exceptional situation I find my self.

     I will send to your home the respectable Chaplain with my daughter Amilie also the equipage in my testament and the fourth part of my total fortune for you as a just reward.

     You know already my secret inside the smallest of the portmanleau ( article of clothing-baggage) kept the tribunal of Cartagena sequestered there is a secret impossible to be found for anyone ignorant of it inside same is kept the Bank document which the Bank handed (ON TO PAGE 3)


over to me as a guarantee payable to the bearer for the amount of $39,000: once your in possession o this document it will be easy for you to realize the quantity I will dispose of in the testament, but without mentioning the place where this quantity is deposited neither its amount as it is enough you should know his.

I advise you to be always on the alert so that nobody is to know a ?????? that the orphan is my daughter as this might difficult the payment of the mentioned amount you may fully rely upon the honorable Chaplain who protects me leaving in mind that thanks to him I can write you and arrange everything.

Do not let your self be know neither engage anybody on your side to make steps in the tribunal for the raise of the embargo now nothing concerning my person don not abandon your home for anything at all as it is advisable that the future retirement of my daughter should be un know both for you tranquility and hers only with the practical support of sending over to my protector the necessary amount to pay the tribunal ????? make the embargo to be raised will lead to your honorable home my darling daughter and everything the tribunal has sequestreed (sequestered)  me this being the only way to realise my fortune.

     As soon as the mentioned portmanleau ( article of clothing-baggage) be in your power you will proceed  to break carefully the bottom of the small one and from a capacity keeping the Bank document you will pick it up and some papers of my deceased wife family.

     I feel my self without strength just now when I am most in want of it to insist upon beseeching you to take by daughter away from my power ful (powerful) enemies whom will revenge in her after my death the fault they attribute me should they find out the existence of the quantity I leave to her.

     Without any protest whatever and in accordance with the law to raise the embargo of my property it is not necessary but to pay the costs which caused the condemn I suffer in the form which he will obliged to solicit from you.

Be in every way and in everything the saver of my daughter nobody must know ?????? who she now that she is my daughter and never ?????? her to forget this infor-



tunate that will die thinking in her and relying upon you should my fate be to die from this illness that  keeps my prostrated.

     I beg to share my gratefulness and my most ????? thanks which I give you for the comfort your letter gives to me remaining yours.   Pedro del Valle


I send annexed news of my detention of one of several papers that published it.

                                                               Important Capture.

As our readers remember in the last Cuba war a revolutionary agitation chipped off and at its head was ?? Pedro del  Valle secretary of the general Martinez Campos and treasurer  of the sum applied to operations the attempt discovered del Valle runned away off to inland taking shelter after news in England whence his wife is native.

     By a secret communication that ????? ??????? ?????  authority knows that del Valle was hided in Cartagena where he gone to, in orders to take his daughter who by her mother's death was forsaken.

      The secret communication became truly; del Valle has been discovered and captured at his wife's home just when he is leaving Spain with his daughter.

     One made a circumstantial inquiry as personal as of his equipage and the result negative, only some little no important documents were found.

     He has been suitably surveyed and conducted to the penal gaol, where he waits the sentence of counsel of war that must judge the rebellion and desertion delinquency.



                                    Mr. Yndalecio Odersont

                                                                Pino 2-1%


Without naming my name on the cover.




Mr. John Bacon


Dear relative


I feel that my life is going off and I address you my last entreaty I made my testament in which I leave to my daughter as my only herien I appoint you her guardian and testamentary of that being so dear to me and should you accept and fulfill what I diposed I make you donation of teh fourth part of my total fortune.


Go the honorable chaplain my protector I bequeath $1.000 I appoint him my executor so that he may deal with court of law in such a character for the ??????.


That my daughter should find an affectionate family at your home and a father in your.


I beg you


Pedro del Valle




Barcelona 22 January 1905


    Mr. John Bacon


My Dear Sir


To the request of Mr. Pedro del Valle I address to you this letter including a letter of him.


I regret very much that on the first time I write to you must be bad news those of I ought to communicate you but the case require it and the truth must be said so it be painful.


The state of Mr. del Valle is so bad that the science is powerless against the infirmity, and God with his infinite power does not return him his health. I believe we shall have very soon and unfortunate end because as chronic Hepitites (Hepatitis) long ago  saps his existence which infirmity he acquired in his long stay in America.


    We must have Christian resignation in order to suffer with pacience (patience)  what God dispose and we must ask him his help in order to accomplish the last will of the unfortunate Mr. Pedro de Valle.


Reckoning with your notification, he gave me his directions for the case of his death before his daughter may be in your company, I will take of her in order to acompany (accompany) her to your home, or where you will indicate. For my part I make my ????? for Mr. del




Valle and shall go on to make all in my power to much for him as for his daughter  inocent (innocent)  victim of his political passions.


I am willing to accomplish all that his (her) father recomended (recommended) me, and reckoning with your help within a little which I shall be able to accompany Miss Amelie to your home.


On the name of Mr. del Valle I take steps in order that the Gileunal says me the exactly amount that is to be paid for paying the wits???? and expenses of the process.


Waiting your reply by return post, I have the honor to remain your most affected servant and chaplain


       Mariano Capdevila






Mr. Yndalicio Odersont


Pino 22


Barcelona    Gracia