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This is a small collection of photographs taken by a Merchant Seaman during his world travel in the 1920's and 30's. Cuba, USS Maine, Wildlife, Dockworkers

  • Merchant Seaman Travel_005Merchant Seaman Travel_005Merchant Seaman Travel_005
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_007Merchant Seaman Travel_007Merchant Seaman Travel_007
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_008Merchant Seaman Travel_008Merchant Seaman Travel_008
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_010Merchant Seaman Travel_010Merchant Seaman Travel_010
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_011Merchant Seaman Travel_011Merchant Seaman Travel_011
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_012Merchant Seaman Travel_012Merchant Seaman Travel_012
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_013Merchant Seaman Travel_013Merchant Seaman Travel_013
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_014Merchant Seaman Travel_014Merchant Seaman Travel_014
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_015Merchant Seaman Travel_015Merchant Seaman Travel_015
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_016Merchant Seaman Travel_016Merchant Seaman Travel_016
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_017Merchant Seaman Travel_017Merchant Seaman Travel_017
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_019Merchant Seaman Travel_019Merchant Seaman Travel_019
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_020Merchant Seaman Travel_020Merchant Seaman Travel_020
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_021Merchant Seaman Travel_021Merchant Seaman Travel_021
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_022Merchant Seaman Travel_022Merchant Seaman Travel_022
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_023Merchant Seaman Travel_023Merchant Seaman Travel_023
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_024Merchant Seaman Travel_024Merchant Seaman Travel_024
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_025Merchant Seaman Travel_025Merchant Seaman Travel_025
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_026Merchant Seaman Travel_026Merchant Seaman Travel_026
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_027Merchant Seaman Travel_027Merchant Seaman Travel_027
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_028Merchant Seaman Travel_028Merchant Seaman Travel_028
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_029Merchant Seaman Travel_029Merchant Seaman Travel_029
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_030Merchant Seaman Travel_030Merchant Seaman Travel_030
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_031Merchant Seaman Travel_031Merchant Seaman Travel_031
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_032Merchant Seaman Travel_032Merchant Seaman Travel_032
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_033Merchant Seaman Travel_033Merchant Seaman Travel_033
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_034Merchant Seaman Travel_034Merchant Seaman Travel_034
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_035Merchant Seaman Travel_035Merchant Seaman Travel_035
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_036Merchant Seaman Travel_036Merchant Seaman Travel_036
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_037Merchant Seaman Travel_037Merchant Seaman Travel_037
  • Merchant Seaman Travel_038Merchant Seaman Travel_038Merchant Seaman Travel_038

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