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Most of the glass negative images in this exhibit were taken in San Francisco California in August 4-6 of 1886. The primary reason was the Twentieth National GAR Encampment. GAR or Grand Army of the Republic meet almost every year from 1866 in Indianapolis Indiana until the last meeting that was held on August 28 thru September 1 of 1949 again in Indianapolis. These meetings were a way that the veterans of the Civil War might get together and share their experiences both good and bad. The photos that are not from the meeting are also included as all of these images were found together so I offer them as I got them.

  • womenbytreewomenbytreewomenbytree
  • GAR10GAR10GAR10
  • GAR08GAR08GAR08
  • manintrumentmanintrumentmanintrument
  • manbicyle2manbicyle2manbicyle2
  • buffolabuffolabuffola
  • GAR11GAR11GAR11
  • GAR09GAR09GAR09
  • girlstatuegirlstatuegirlstatue
  • GAR05GAR05GAR05
  • GAR04GAR04GAR04
  • GAR06GAR06GAR06
  • GAR02GAR02GAR02
  • GAR12GAR12GAR12
  • apple dryerapple dryerapple dryer
  • 2boysrifles2boysrifles2boysrifles
  • 2boysrifles22boysrifles22boysrifles2
  • manbicycle3manbicycle3manbicycle3
  • GAR07GAR07GAR07
  • men drinkingmen drinkingmen drinking
  • GAR03GAR03GAR03
  • foothillsfoothillsfoothills
  • gar2gar2gar2
  • buckboardbuckboardbuckboard
  • xmastreexmastreexmastree
  • SF firemanSF firemanSF fireman
  • manbicyclemanbicyclemanbicycle
  • xmastree2xmastree2xmastree2
  • posing in front of houseposing in front of houseposing in front of house
  • capitol looking buildingcapitol looking buildingcapitol looking building
  • zCalifornia State Capitol GARzCalifornia State Capitol GARzCalifornia State Capitol GAR
  • GAR14GAR14GAR14
  • 2gilrsingarden2gilrsingarden2gilrsingarden
  • GAR13GAR13GAR13

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