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These photographs from Alameda California were taken sometime between 1885 in 1930 a suspect. A few of the photos look like they were taken in the Sierras. In an image marked Alameda 2d the can the gentleman is holding is labeled Libby,  McNeill and Libby's Compressed Cooked Corned Beef from Chicago.  Just one of those little things you get to see in high resolution.

Another interesting image is that of the Pacific Coast Oil Tankier George Loomis.

Pacific Coast Oil Company was a precursor to Standard Oil of California I grew up with or as it is now known, Chevron. The original Co. was founded in 1895. The War Shipping Shipping Administration acquired the ships during the 2nd World War and would be used to fuel US Navy ships as large as Aircraft Carriers along the Pacific coast. They would also serve as floating mobile fuel depots in the Pacific Theater.

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