Touring Europe 1953-1955 Mary Lee Richardson lived and worked for the Military at Heidelberg Germany after WWII. She and her friends traveled a lot and her 16mm camera was a constant companion. After returning to the United States she was able to add a sound track to the film she shot. What you are about to see is an extraordinary tour of Europe in the words of the person that was there at the time. Amateur 16mm sound film is a very rare occurrence so please be so kind and excuse the audio quality if you please. Remember this amateur film was originally produced from equipment that was manufactured half a century ago and celluloid film will only last so long.
This film was shot sometime in the early 1950's. The time frame is identified by the audio description within the film. The follow locations are some that are depicted within the film:
Vienna, Austria 4 Powers Change of Guard December 1, 1953.The narrator mentions also being in Seefeld Austria at the Tyrol Hotel and Hotel Astoria in February 1954 also in England and France July 1954 February 1955. In Saint Moritz Switzerland at the Kulm Hotel, Schmalzmarkt Wurzburg, Neumuenster Kollegiatstift, Würzburg Cathedral, Bad Mergentheim, Kurpark Bad Mergentheim, Kurpark Hotel, West Berlin, Berlin Airlift Memorial, 1936 German Olympics Stadium, Olympiastadion Berlin, Heidelberg, Neckar River, Heidelberger Castle, Coburg, Coburg Castle, Bad Nauheim, Lake Konstanz, Swedish Isle of Mainau, Lindau, Paris France and Eiffel Tower, London England, Buckingham Palace, Oxford, Queens College, Rand Library, Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, Lock Lomond, First Expansion Bridge, Aer Lingus, Dublin Ireland, Kulm Hote, Saint Moritz, Copenhagen, Kronborg Castle, Hamlet's Castle, Oslo Norway, Venus Italy, St. Mark’s Cathedral, Florence Italy, Vatican, St. Peters Cathedral,