16mm of 2 family trips taken in 1936 and 37 from Bellingham WA. to Victoria BC and Butchart Gardens. Of course it is only know as Mr. Burtchart's Gardens at the time as the sign on the post says. You will also see a very interesting parade with a cannon salute.


This is a 16mm film taken about 1968 or 69 of the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad at Silverton Colorado.


Lots of great cars and floats. Sometimes when identifying these old films I can only go off what the film shows me and a little about the package it came in if possible. I believe this to be a Stanford University Parade and if anyone out there can substantiate that I would be most grateful. If it is not what I believe it to be please let me know and I will change it.


June 17, 2012, 

I have added a way for folks to comment on articles or photo and film that has been uploaded. There is also a way for users to now upload their own images with qualification. Please read about that on the main page. It is important. Have patience with some of the new features as I am not sure how it all works yet but so far so good.

June 18,2012

A video player has been added and digitized film is now being exhibited.

June 20, 2012

New exhibits added and I have made several changes. Repaired the navagation in menus to allow the back button on your browsers and other miner fixes.

Keep checking back as new exhibits are on display almost daily.

July 04, 2012

Well there are many new changes to the site, I have purchased and installed a new media player and for the most part it seems there are no issues with playback. Seems to work well with IE and Firefox. There are many new exhibits and some new categories as well. I also have made some changes to the from page so now we have a new photo of the week area. I have not had a chance to update the new exhibits area yet but will get that this week. Happy 4th to all!

August 12, 2012

Again there are many new changes, photos and film. All of the films from here forward will have the new introductions, titles and descriptions added during the editing process. I try not to remove much of any of them but in some cases either due to film degradation or 10 minutes of watching the family cat play with a fly it has to be done. I am currently working on a new splash page for the site as well as two other special projects along with adding new material to the site. There will also be a new donation button added so that maybe in teh future this site can have it's own dedicater server. Mean while tell your friends about "THE OFFICE OF IMAGE ARCHAEOLOGY".