I have been collecting vintage photographs, negatives, photo albums and celluloid film for many years. Most of these images have been digitized in an effort to preserve the adventures and dreams of the common man, woman or child that have been captured within those images. Paper and celluloid are fragile and easily destroyed by mistake, misdeed or carelessness.

CELLULOSE NITRATE film and negatives are not only fragile and have a fairly short life if not stored properly but can also be quite dangerous. Celluloid can decompose over a period of time and will begin to emit a vinegar like odor. Other visible signs are shrinkage or wrinkling as well as a white powder like mold that can appear. So much is lost by both natural and unnatural disasters. In many cases the descendents of those that record the images have long forgotten who the faces in the photographs were or why they were taken and simply donate them to the local thrift or throw them away.Cellulose nitrate