Over the years I have spoken with many caring individuals that feel as I do. We never want to lose the images and the life-blood of history that are presented here. Proper respect and knowledge of our ancestors past is what guarantees the correct direction of the future. The goal we have on this site is to ensure this heritage is not exploited by large companies and museums for monetary purpose.



This website with few exceptions has no blocks or impediments that will prevent you from viewing or copying free of charge any image or document you wish to have. There are other collections such as mine out there and as I've said I have spoken with some of the owners of those collections. They have also expressed interest in providing their material in a manner such as this. With enough participation from those that have and those that view what we have, a very large database can be created and become an extremely valuable tool for both the family historian and genealogist as well as many other hobbyists looking for images to model or research. The only downside is that like many free sites this also will have to be advertisement driven. A small price to pay for such a valuable tool.