Research and Identification

Much of what you will find here is identified, much is not, and most need further research and descriptions expanded upon. I did what I could with what I had but it is you the viewer that will finally determine the fate of the wonderfull people in these photographs. You may know some of them or maybe you recognize a street, town or just a building. Many have already been lost to the ages, "like tears in the rain" never to be found, others will be preserved thru unselfish efforts, those are the grateful few that will forever rest in peace, knowing they have not been forgotten.

WHAT I DO AND WHY A short explanation of the material found here.

Over the years I have spoken with many caring individuals that feel as I do. We never want to lose the images and the life-blood of history that are presented here. Proper respect and knowledge of our ancestors past is what guarantees the correct direction of the future. The goal we have on this site is to ensure this heritage is not exploited by large companies and museums for monetary purpose.


I have been collecting vintage photographs, negatives, photo albums and celluloid film for many years. Most of these images have been digitized in an effort to preserve the adventures and dreams of the common man, woman or child that have been captured within those images. Paper and celluloid are fragile and easily destroyed by mistake, misdeed or carelessness.