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The following images this month are variations of two photos, before and after restoration. The first image was taken at Astoria Oregon in 1895 and features two of the Cities Fireman from the period. Phil Hadden on the left and Sidney Crispen on the right. The second image was taken about 1925 of the mobile Pinter’s Candy Wagon. The average time required to restore these images was about 8 hours. In the case of the first photo I had to rebuild an all but missing leg on one horse because the photo had been torn in half as well as clean up thousands of nicks, scrapes and scratches. The second image was almost as bad with a myriad of cracks in the photographs elusion.


Astoria Oregon damaged image


Astoria Oregon restored image


Pinter's Mobile Candy Truck damaged photo

Pinter's Mobile Candy Truck circa 1925