Over the years I have endeavored to discover and purchase unique films that portray America primarily, and the rest of the world in general as it was prior to the 1970s. The first channel, “American Life Film Stock” is a channel in the making, designed specifically for stock footage. Every film found here is one of a kind with few acceptations. The films you will find on “The Right Film Channel” cover a plethora of subjects from both film and video tape. There are a large number of educational and entertainment films as well as what I call mom and pop amateur films that included scenes from vacations, special events and family life. If you looking for rare footage depicting pre 1970 America, these channels will be a great source of material for your next award winning project.

Stock footage fees vary. If you are interested in a particular film, please note the title and the specific part of the YouTube video you would like to use. For a quote email that information to George Mihal at